where to next ;)

Since the year 2000, it has been our pleasure to welcome tens of thousands of international students on our ISX tours and events throughout North America. ISX is a leader in integrated cultural travel and is founded on the idea that travel and education are two of the best tools we have to make the world a more culturally-connected place. ISX is a philosophy as much as it is an enterprise. The “I” in ISX denotes Xchange “X“ of and between cultures and ideas, helping and building a truly global community.

Over the years I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with so many others who share this mission.

To all the parents, teachers, school administrators, school owners, education advisors, chaperones, tour leaders, student passengers, and of course all the fantastic ISX staff (past and present) who share the philosophy that educational travel and cultural exchange can in fact create positive and lasting change, I say thank you! and to you, we ask, Where to Next?

Happy Journeys,
Les Zulauf
Founder and Director, ISX


Student travel should be entertaining, engaging, and enriching. At ISX World, we believe that international student exchanges and “travel for study” experiences create lasting memories, positive cultural interchange, and a more tolerant and “connected” world.    We believe in working with trusted, quality suppliers, hiring responsible, well-trained guides, and have an ongoing commitment to ensure the safety and quality of our trips. Our trips are creatively designed and take into consideration the budget and requirements of the group.

For a great travel experience, experience ISX World.